Primary School Head Teacher Notification


Primary schools are the basic and very pivoted units in education sector tasked to provide Primary Education that may facilitate broad-based, holistic development of students, to enable thorn to develop then cognitive, moral, social. emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities.
2. Govt of the Punjab, School Education Department has. launched Parho Punjab
Barho Punjab program and efforts am being made to enroll 100% out of School Children and ensure their 100% retention. It has also to be ensured to impart quality education to the students
3. In this scenario, every Primary School requires effective management, discipline supervision and dynamic leadership. It has therefore been decided that one Primary School Teacher in each Primary School will be officially designated as Heat Teacher
The concerned District Education Officer will notify the senior most Primary School Teacher having minimum qualification of graduation, as Head Teacher of that Primaty School for smooth and effective functioning Of school in order to achieve the assigned tasks.


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