Government Schools Uniform Notification


The Government has already notified a Uniform in Govt. schools vide notification even No. PS/SSE/MISC/2009/67 dated March 28, 2009. Majority of the schools have adopted it but some of the schools are having either partial uniform or a different uniform other than the notified one. Accordingly, I am directed to convey that all the Heads of Govt. Schools will ensure a standardized uniform from the winter season without any exception. 2. However, no institution shall suggest any particular shop or sale point for this purpose. The parents will exercise their own choice for purchase or stitching of uniform. The School Uniform is as under
For Girls:

No change 

Summer: The present school uniform of sky-blue Kameez, white Shalwar witn Dupatta, grey socks, black shoes (preferably with laces) will continue without any change. 

Winter: Maroon Coat/Maroon Pullover may be added for winter

For Boys  

Summer: Sky-blue shirt, dark grey pant, grey socks, black shoes (preferably with laces). For Classes upto 3, Nicker may also be used.The uniform will not be compulsory for students of Nursery and Class-I.
Winter: Green coat/Green Pullover may be added for winter.
3. The School Uniform will be observed during the Morning Assembly.


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