E-Transfer new policy/updated rules 03-06-2020

General Rules
1. Applications will be prioritized based on the following order (by category):
  1. Teachers marked on administrative posts
  2. Teachers applying on open merit / compassionate grounds.
  3. Teachers applying on promotions
  4. Teachers marked as surrendered.
2. Among the four categories above, applications for promotion will be prioritized based on the promotion seniority number. The rest will be prioritized based on the score.
3. A teacher’s application must lie in exactly one of the four categories mentioned above.
4. Female PST/ESE teachers can apply to any school; for others teachers, males can only apply to male schools and females can only apply to female schools.
5. During the application submission time-frame, teachers will have the option to modify and to resubmit their application multiple times. However, once the submission deadline has passed, the submission will be considered locked and no changes in the submitted application from the teacher will be accepted.
6. Applications that are not submitted during the transfer open period will not be entertained (although, the department may consider a grace period of 10 minutes).
7. While applying, teachers will be required to give at least one preference (and can optionally enter multiple preferences). The system will consider transfer options in the order of preference specified by teacher. Once a transfer is approved by the authority (in the system), the teacher will be bound to comply with the transfer. Any failure to do so will invoke a disciplinary action involving PEEDA.
8. During the application verification time-frame, teachers may withdraw their complete application. Withdrawing or modification of preferences within the application will not be allowed, the preferences will be considered based on the priority given by the teacher during the application submission phase.
9. The department may conduct multiple rounds of evaluating applications and verifying and placing teachers on the merit lists (based on the application score). No applications in any merit-list will be considered after the last placement round.
10. For the approved transfer orders, if the transfer is not actualized via the QR code (i.e., relieved from the current school and joined to the new school via the SIS tablet application) within the given time frame, the order will stand cancelled and the teacher will remain in the original school.
11. Once a teacher joins the new school transfer order, the date of joining of the school will be the date of the scanning of the QR code.
12. Applications that do not comply with any of the above rules will not be considered.

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