Selected SLOs for LND 2021

Dear Teachers,

Key student learning outcomes (SLOs) for English, Math and Urdu are assessed for Grade 3 students at present. Major areas assessed include comprehension, sentence completion, two and three digit addition and subtraction, division, and multiplication.

The Assessment Process

The monitoring officers (MEAs) have been instructed to randomly select 7 students in Grade 3, and to give them the spot-test on their tablets. Based on a central question-bank, the Android-app on the MEA's tablet randomly selects assessment questions for the particular grade, subject, and key SLOs. These multiple choice questions are presented to the student who is being assessed. A total of seven questions are asked in each assessment test in more than 47,000 public schools across Punjab.
The process typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete per student. About 329,000 students are assessed monthly.
Almost 6.7 million assessments have been conducted by MEAs till now. The data is shared with education administrators via an online dashboard and SMS-alerts.

Benefits and Impact

  • The platform is an enabler for low-cost, frequent student assessments at scale
  • Teacher presence and in-class student learning is being positively impacted
  • This approach has helped baseline and benchmark learning levels between public schools and low-cost private schools in the Punjab
  • Teachers and school administrators have become aware that consistent low scores on SLOs get highlighted in School Reforms Stock take meetings, so they are taking steps to teach better.

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