Tips for preparation of English Future LND Class..

Dear Teachers,
As you all know the LND is very important indicator. Our new academic year is starting from April 2020. From April 2020 Newly promoted Class 3 will be tested for LND.
You here are the selected SLOs which are taken from Class 1 and 2 and also they are selected for LND Officially.

Prepare your class two for these SLOs in order to achieve good LND results from next academic year.


  • Articulate, identify and match capital and small letters of the alphabet in a series and in random order.
  • Articulate, identify and differentiate between the sounds of individual letters, digraphs and trigraphs in initial and final positions in a word.
  • Write simple one / two / three syllable words with correct spelling.
  • Identify and articulate common sight words and words with common spelling patterns.
  • Use alphabetical order (first and second alphabet to arrange words)
  • Interact with text and use reading strategies (while reading) to locate specific factual information to answer in a word or two simple short questions
  • Write small and capital letters in series and in random order.

  • Fill in missing information to complete a simple paragraph.
  • Recognize and identify consonants and vowels in the English alphabet.
  • Recognize and match common singular naming words from immediate environment.
  • Identify and classify gender of naming words from immediate environment  masculine/feminine)
  •  Identify and change the number of simple naming words by adding or removing “s” and “es”
  • Use substitution words me, you, him, her, us, them and I, you, he, she, we, they, it.
  • Identify and illustrate use of questioning words: what, who, where, when, why
  • Illustrate use of words that point to something.
  • Identify and use more common action words
  • Use am, is, are with different substitutions and has, have to show possession.
  • Identify and match some pairs of describing words showing quality, size and colour e.g. soft-hard, big-small, black-white
  • Identify and use words showing possession e.g. my, your, his, her, our, their, and its.
  • Recognize, identify and use a few words showing position e.g. up/down, here/there
    (preposition of location)
  • Recognize and apply capitalization to the initial letter of the first word of a sentence, and to the initial letter of the names of people, pets, and places
  • Recognize that a sentence ends with some form of punctuation, i.e. full-stop, or question mark, or exclamation mark.
  • Comprehend and respond to simple wh-Questions.

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