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Dear Teachers,
As you all know that LND test is conducted by MEAs on their tablet of class 3. If the students are more than seven then, Seven random students are selected for test and if the students are less than 7 then all the students will be tested for the test of LND.
LND test is conducted to check the understanding of 3 subjects English, Math and Urdu. Each subject has 6 SLOs and each SLOs will be tested thrice it means that from each SLO, there will be three questions.
Four SLOs are from class 1 and 2 and two SLOs are from class 3 which will keep changing as the academic year prolong.
As the month of January has started. I am sharing SLOs for the month of February of LND test so that you can prepare your students to get the better results.

  • Identify simple words (one/two/three syllable) with correct spellings.
  • Identify and articulate correct action word according to the pictures.
  • Comprehension
  • Use punctuation according to the rules learnt earlier.(Question mark, full stop, capitalization)
  • Make simple sentences by using SV (subject and verb) and SVO (subject, verb, object) pattern
  • Illustrate use of different forms of the verb be, do and have with their corresponding pronouns (I, we, you, he, she, it, they).
  • Add or subtract upto 3-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers with carrying/borrowing of tens and hundreds
  • Multiply or divide numbers within multiplication table.
  • Recognize and name unit fractions up to 1/12
  • Read time from clock
  • Solve real life problems involving same units of length, mass and capacity for addition /subtraction with and without carrying/borrowing.
  • Write three equivalent fractions for a given fraction.


الفاظ کو جوڑ کے ساتھ لکھ سکے
سہ حر فی چار حرفی اور پانچ حرفی ارکان الفاظ کی نشاندہی کر سکیں گے
فعل فاعل اور مفعول کی درست ترتیب کی شناخت کر سکیں گے
سادہ جملے اور ان پر مبنی عبارت پڑھ کر سمجھ سکیں گے
کہانی ، مکالمے،ڈرامے کو اس کے نتائج کے حوالے سے پڑھ سکے۔
ہم آواز الفاظ کی نشاندہی کرسکے۔

Best of luck dear teacher.
Keep Visiting Sample Questions will be shared here soon.
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