10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2020

10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2020

Important Questions:

  1. What is Simple Harmonic Motion? What are its necessary conditions.
  2. What are damped oscillation?
  3. Derive a relationship between Speed, Frequency and Wavelength.
  4. What do you know about Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction of waves.
  5. What is vibrational motion?
  6. What do you know about the damping of shock absorbers of automobiles?
  7. How pendulum clock was invented?
  8. Explain the motion of mass attached with a spring on horizontal and friction less plane is simple harmonic.
  9. Explain waves and its types.
  10. Give the characteristics of wave motion.
  11. What is ripple tank? Explain its construction and working.
  12. Difference between loudness and intensity of sound.
  13. On what factors loudness depends?
  14. If we clap or speak in front of a building while standing at a particular distance, we rehear our sound after some time. Explain how does this happens?
  15. Explain that noise is a nuisance.
  16. Describe the importance of acoustic protection.
  17. What are uses of ultrasound in medicines?
  18. What are uses of ultrasound in technical fields?
  19. Why two tin can with a string stretched between them could be better way to communicate than merely shouting through air?
  20. You can listen your friend round a corner, yet you cannot watch him/her. Why?
  21. Two people are listening to the same music at the same loudness. They disagree on its loudness. Explain how this could happen?
  22. Is there any difference between echo and reflection of sound? Explain.
  23. How does stethoscope operates?
  24. Why silent whistle is used to call dogs?
  25. How whales can communicate over hundred and thousands miles?
  26. What is the function of large ears of elephants?
  27. What are the audible frequency range of bats, mice, dogs, cats and humans?
  28. What is SONAR? Explain.
  29. Write the characteristics of sound.
  30. What is critical angle? Driver relationship between the critical angle and the refractive index of a substance.
  31. A coin is placed at a focal point of a converging lens. Is an image formed? What is it nature?
  32. Define power of the lens and its unit.
  33. Define the terms resolving power and magnifying power.
  34. Explain different type of technologies used in case of spherical mirrors.
  35. What is corpuscular nature of light?
  36. Define magnification of spherical mirrors.
  37. What is total internal reflection of light?
  38. What are totally reflecting prism and periscope?
  39. What is mirage? Explain
  40. Derive the convex lens formula.
  41. Write a note on human eye. Also describe near point and far point.
  42. What are the defects of vision.
  43. What is gold leaf electroscope? Discuss its working and function/working.
  44. What is meant by electric field and electric intensity?
  45. Explain Coulomb’s law of electroscope and write its mathematical form?
  46. Find the electric intensity due to a point charge “q”.
  47. How would you define potential difference between two point? Discuss its unit.
  48. What do you meant by the capacitance? Define units of capacitance.
  49. What do you meant by the capacitance for a series combination of a number of capacitors?
  50. Discuss types of capacitors.
  51. Discuss one application of static electricity.
  52. An electrified rod attracts of paper. After a while these pieces fly away why?
  53. What is meant by conventional current?
  54. How a galvanometer is converted into voltmeter?
  55. How a galvanometer is converted into ammeter?
  56. Why resistance of ammeter is kept low?
  57. Why resistance of the voltmeter is kept high?
  58. Differentiate between electromotive force and potential difference?
  59. State and explain ohm’s law write down its limitations?
  60. Define resistance and its unit
  61. What are factors upon which the resistance of conductor depends?
  62. State Joule’s law
  63. Define Electric Power.
  64. Define Kilowatt hour.
  65. What are live and neutral wires?
  66. Define fuse and write its principal.
  67. What is circuit breaker and what is its principal?
  68. What is meant by electromotive force? Write its equation and explain its unit?
  69. Define and explain the term specific resistance. Discuss different factors which affects the resistance of conductor.
  70. How are resistances connected in series? What are characteristics of this combination?
  71. How are resistances connected in parallel? What are characteristics of this combination?
  72. Describe electric energy and Joule’s law?
  73. A bird can sit harmlessly on high tension wire. But it must not reach and grab neighbouring wire. Do you know why?
  74. In order to measure voltage in a circuit, voltmeter is always connected in parallel. Discuss.
  75. In order to measure current in a circuit, why ammeter is always connected in series.
  76. Define Fleming’s left hand rule?
  77. Write a detailed note on D.C motor
  78. Define Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction.
  79. Write a note on mutual induction
  80. Write a note on self induction.
  81. What is transformer. What are Step down and step up transformers.
  82. Explain the working of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO).
  83. What are three universal logic gates i.e. AND Gate, OR Gate, NOR Gate etc.
  84. NAND gate is reciprocal of AND gate. Discuss.
  85. What is Information and Communication Technology?
  86. How light signals are sent through optical fiber?
  87. What do you understand by terms Word Processing and Data Managing.
  88. What is difference between RAM and ROM?
  89. Write the advantages of Fiber Optic.
  90. What is difference between FTP and HTTP?
  91. What is radioactivity. Why some elements are radioactive and some are not?
  92. How can you make radioactive elements artificial. Give example.
  93. Describe two uses of radioactive isotopes in medicine, industry and research.
  94. What nuclear reaction would release more energy? Fission reaction or Fusion reaction.

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