Part Time Coaches (PTCs) Salary Notification

“In case the school is getting NSB-budget, the school council of such school, after passing a resolution, may hire the suitabie individuals having qualification matric or above preferably Graduate/BA/BSc following the criteria as per rule 4.8.2 (il) & (iii) of SC policy 2007 (Amended) offering Rs 5000/- per month for a matriculate, Rs. 6000/- per month for an intermediate/FA/FSc and Rs. 7000/- per month for a graduate/BA/BSc as monthly remuneration. Such hired individuals shall be called “Part Time Coaches (PTCs)” and may be retained 02 in number at a time in 01 school
following the Criteria as per Rule 4.8.2 (v), & (vii) of SC Policy 2007 (Amended). The names of such PTCs along with copy of the School Council Resolution shall be submitted to the EDO (Edu) for information and record. The performance of the part time PTCs will be evaluated on the basis of the assigned targets and tasks as fixed by the provincial government.”

Part Time Coaches (PTCs) Salary Notification Part Time Coaches (PTCs) Salary Notification Reviewed by Kashif Rehan on December 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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