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Prevalent Urdu sentimental novel "Khuda Aur Mohabbat" (God and Love) by Hashim Nadeem. This is an extremely wonderful and balanced love story identified with Pakistani society. Try not to miss to peruse this novel. 

The story is lovely and numerous individuals in Pakistan enjoyed valued the exertion of Mr. Hashim Nadeem. The story resembles a white collar class Islamic researcher shows the Holy Qur'aan to the offspring of a higher class family at their home and toward the finishing of the Holy Qur'aan, the higher class family anguishes a festival service on the grounds that their kids have perused the total Qur'aan, 

Presently the driver of the family welcomes the group of Islamic researcher to the function however the Islamic Scholar will not send his family in such a higher class family yet the driver demands and the researcher consents to send his two youthful girls to the home of the kids where the youthful uncle of the kids sees the senior little girl of the researcher and begin to look all starry eyed at her. The little youngster of the researcher is strict and begins supplication at the home of the kids and individuals around there stands amazed at her. Presently the youngster talk about his love and needs to wed her yet his family doesn't permit him and become furious with the Islamic researcher and insults him. They get the researcher out of their home and censure him for the entirety of the circumstance and insult him that it was his very own arrangement to wed her little girl in such an extraordinary and rich family. Presently the youngster faces challenges from his very own family just as from the group of his beloved. The little fellow goes to the researcher and asks for his beloved one however the researcher cannot and discloses to him that individuals will insult him since individuals will talk that the researcher has picked a family for his girl where he showed the Holy Qur'aan. Presently the little fellow begins fight in his home against the conduct of his family with the Islamic researcher. 

On the opposite side the little youngster is exceptionally strict and carefully complies with her dad e.g the Scholar, neither shows love for the young man nor express abhor for him. The little youngster begins meeting and asking the researcher yet the researcher tells the little fellow that their is an enormous distinction between his family and the young fellow's one. The researcher discloses to him that his family is present day thinking while his family is strict. Presently the little youngster likewise begins multiple times petition in the researcher Mosque and gives himself that he is currently a strict one yet the researcher reveals to him that his very own family is poor and white collar class and keeping in mind that the group of the little youngster is rich that is the reason he e.g researcher cant not wed his girl in such a rich family. 

The little youngster can't send his family to the place of the researcher and apologize for their conduct, So he leaves his home and starts functioning as a coolie on a railroad station where he sees his beloved on the railroad station. The cousin of the little youngster Abdullah who definitely think about the little fellow sees the little fellow on a railroad station in the coolie uniform and later on enlightens to his uncle e.g Scholar regarding the new control of the young man. 

The researcher needs to wed his senior young lady e.g the beloved of the little fellow to his just a single nephew Abdullah yet the little youngster is currently additionally experiences passionate feelings for the young man as she has seen him on a railroad station and left his rich life for her, yet the young lady can not say about his beloved e.g the young man with his dad e.g the Scholar. The more youthful sister comes to think about her senior sister love and masterminds the gathering of the little fellow and his senior sister with the assistance of the girl of the driver (working in the place of the young man). 

I simply needed to compose a concise rundown yet it will require some investment after download the novel you can peruse what occurred after at that point. The individuals who read this novel, similar to it on the grounds that the Molvi e.g Scholar is directly in his own point see e.g he wouldn't like to wed her strict girl to a higher class family in view of The higher class family has provoked the researcher and get him out of his home 
The higher class family isn't strict.
The Geo TV has likewise broadcasted the dramatization premise on a similar novel and same name e.g "Khuda Aur Mohabbat" (The God and Love).

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