Literacy and Numeracy Drive, Facts, Figures, SLOs....

 In Punjab School Education Department class 3  holds the  Prime position as it is tested monthly by the monitoring and evaluation assistants (MEAs) on the spot visits to the government schools of the Punjab. The test is taken on the tablets and for the test MEA selects  at least 7 students of the class 3.
If the students are greater than seven. He will select the students randomly but if the students are less than 7 then the all the students will be tested by the MEA. LND stands for literacy and numeracy drive. Literacy stands for the reading and writing of Urdu and English and numeracy stands for numbers in Mathematics there are three subjects in LND; Urdu, Math and English. Target set for the LND result is 80% which is calculated by number of correct questions over number of Total questions x 100 if your result is greater than 80 then you have achieved your LND target but if it is below 80% then you might fall in the Yellow or red region. Yellow means you are slightly below the target and red that you  are far from target  LND test is based on SLOs  it contains  the SLOs from the previous classes  e.g. class 1 and class 2 and it has also some SLOs of class 3. Its  SLOs and number of questions are shared in the video link given below  in which you can know about the facts and figures about the LND and you may come to know about the number of questions asked by the MEA by the students of class 3 monthly stay tuned for the tips and tricks to make better the result of LND

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