Educators' Recruitment 2019

Many people and YouTube channels are spreading the news that educators’ jobs are coming educator jobs are coming and whatever.
They are sharing many much things but the thing is nobody knows what to happen next, nobody can say who is eligible or who is not eligible for which post till the policy arrives. In every recruitment the policy is changed so we cannot expect or suggest something, that, this is going to happen till the policy is announced no one is 100% sure.
As far as the news about the recruitment is concerned it is totally fake you all have been hearing the news about the recruitment from last three or four months but there is no recruitment till now and it is not possible in near future as you all know transfers were banned but it was opened in March April 2018 when many teachers applied for the transfers but the election commission imposed ban on transfers and recruitments in the general election 2018 the files was processed and when new government taken the charge. New Education Minister Dr. Murad Ras hold the charge of his good office he tweeted many times about the lift of the transfers. The education minister promised to lift the ban in the month of September but due to by-elections the transfers were lifted in the month of October. Transfer Ban was lifted in different session in first session transfers was done of the special cases like mutual transfer cases of widows, disabled and divorced females. In second, session transfer was to be done of the teachers who had already submitted the files in March April 2018 on the posts which were vacant till 31st May 2018 so the teachers requested the education minister to lift the ban for the Teachers who could not submit their files for the first time. The files have been submitted and transfers will be completed till 31st of December. So, it is clear that when the vacancy position is not clear? when we are not sure about where the seat is vacant? which seat is vacant? in which Tehsil? which District? and which school? how can we know that we need this number of teachers to be recruited so whatever the news is about the recruitment of the teachers and educators is totally fake. Don't believe them. Stay tuned to our blog we will share the latest information about the recruitment policy 2019 and all the related information from how to apply when to apply to how to join your school we will give you each and every information on this page Inshallah
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